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IUNC Latin America 2015

Expanding HE Opportunities March 4-5, 2015. IUNC Latin America is a bridge for international academic cooperation. The conference is organized on March 4-5, 2015 in Brazil, Latin America, and embraces more than 150 higher education establishments and language schools from Europe, North America and Asia while special emphasis is laid on the university collaboration with the BRICS countries and major education hubs of the 21st century.
To maximise your visit to Brazil, IUNC Latin America is conveniently scheduled adjacent to another significant HE event - we have collaborated with FPP EDU Media giving you the unique opportunity to meet with universities, agents and students over 5 days. On March 6 you will have the chance to meet qualified agents from Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina at the FPP Smart Agent Workshop. On March 7 & 8 you can participate in EDUEXPOS where you will meet pre-screened quality students looking to study abroad, in March 2013 12,420 students and parents attended this event in Sao Paulo. Being the intersection of education, industry and technology Brazil offers excellent perspectives into global HE and internationalization, giving you the singular opportunity to mingle with a diverse mix of hundreds of universities, colleges, language schools, educational service providers and HE specialists from around the globe at the convivial and exciting networking events. The extensive seminar program will lead you along the modern pathways to establishing solid partnerships with the major education hubs of the present day society as well as help you to attract foreign investment, retain local students, build reputation on international level and learn to satisfy the needs of both international and domestic students. Another focus is laid on partnerships with universities in developing countries which promote capacity building, research collaboration and help develop responsible and engaged global students. Participation in IUNC Latin America will equip you with unparalleled knowledge of international HE market and practical tools in order not to lag behind the ever-changing education market. Besides, by meeting your potential partners face-to-face you will be able to get unbiased first-hand information of the possible cooperation areas and peculiarities of a certain education market. Adopt successful development strategies in the long run. The Conference program includes: — Open sessions and seminars on various topics about: trends of international education and latest HE analytics effective ways of cooperation between universities recruitment technologies state scholarship programs — Prescheduled meetings with universities — Campus tour to prospective partner universities — Networking activities. The participants will find the following avenues for cooperation at the Conference: Academic exchange of students. Faculty exchange. Student recruitment. Creating joint educational programs. Exchange of educational products. Joint grant applications. Enjoy the prime networking opportunities in the heart of South America and increase your competitiveness on international education market! http://iunc.net/conference/view/8

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